Makeup courses

How we can take makeup certification in Turkey?

If you are interested in makeup and look for a makeup academy to participate in courses please stay with us

Makeup courses

Makeup in Turkey

Tiraje beauty academy located in Istanbul , Turkey is one of the modern makeup salons throughout Turkey .

We can offer the most exclusive makeup courses as

  1. makeup intro courses
  2. makeup master classes
  3. essential makeup knowledge for makeup artists
  4. advanced makeup
  5. hair-styling intro courses
  6. pro hair-styling courses
  7. nail and nail arts
Makeup courses

Makeup class

What we are looking for

Istanbul is one the important cities in Europe which is active and well-known in fashion field

Tiraje Beauty Academy has held many successful courses during the past 6 years and intends to continue its progress toward summit

We also intend to make business relation with other beauty salons all over Europe so hereby we express our readiness to establish new branches in

  • Italy
  • Germany
  • UK
  • Sweden
  • France
  • Austria
  • Norway

To establish different branches in Eu , we need our co-workers in those countries to contact us so we can make one unique strategy to develop our works

Makeup salon

Makeup salon Turkey

For those who are interested to participate in our courses

We ll do all you need to attend our classes as well as hotels and airport transfer

So do not worry and be relax . We ll be with you from the beginning to the end

Being a makeup artist is easy if you step the right way

Kindly contact our office in Istanbul to know more about

  1. Registration
  2. Our schedule
  3. Academy location

Please contact us via


Line     ۰۰۹۰۵۳۰۳۸۱۹۰۹۵ English

Our team is also active in social medias per as instagram and Youtube

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