Makeup academy in Istanbul can be a place to elevate your skills

Makeup academy in Istanbul

Makeup academy in Istanbul

There are many different courses in Tiraje Beauty Center . Also at the end of each course , international beauty certificate will be given to each student

Hereby we declare the following courses as our program

Makeup academy in Istanbul

Makeup academy in Istanbul

Makeup academy in Istanbul

Beauty courses and categories

  • Makeup courses
  • Nail job
  • Microblading and tatto
  • coloring and hair dying
  • bridal makeup
  • shinion
  • and others

How you can register

There are many ways you can register and enroll in classes and courses.

First you can call our registration center

Second you can send message via whatsapp or any other social medias

Third ( if you live in Istanbul ) you can come and visit our center

Makeup academy in Istanbul

Makeup academy in Istanbul

What do we achieve after accomplishing courses

There are two levels of registered students

  • Beginners
  • Advanced

If you are beginner our instructors help you to start in your desired filed of study . it means that from the very beginning the courses will start

our instructor will help you to know all elementary matters and prepare you to be advanced learner

It depends on your interest and your progress but don’t worry . you are not the first and you won’t be last

If you are advanced our instructors will help you to learn how to be be expert and cover what you need to be more educated in the filed

Makeup academy in Istanbul

Makeup academy

Pay attention to notes

Note : It depends on your filed of study but for most of them , all the materials will be prepared for you in Tiraje Beauty Academy

After course accomplishment our instructors will help you to buy what you need . also they will be available via social medias to follow up your progress after finishing courses

You can easily contact your instructors and ask your questions even if you finish your courses

Also our branches in Istanbul will be at service of customers who seeks beauty services

Stay with us on our social medias like instagram

Our English website

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